Born: March 10, 2018

Co-owned with: Phil Lawler

One of the most exciting herd sire prospects that we have ever raised to date. This elite son of Mountaineer is as physically impressive.

Genetically he offers a balanced Evergreen EPD profile, that marks high for CE (30%), MCE (15%), WW (2%), YW (1%), Marb (30%), $API (15%) and $TI (2%) and posts an 821-pound 205 adjusted weaning weight.  On the bottom side he is backed by one of our top donors FSCR Lady Midland that is sired by our very own Deacon. His dam made a large influence on our breeding program.

The future is certainly bright for this standout that checks all the boxes.


  • Homozygous Black
  • Homozygous Polled

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