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Join us for our 4th Extra Effort Fall SimAngus™ Sale at
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2102 Pritchard Rd
Clayton, North Carolina

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FSC Ranch 3rd Annual Extra Effort Sale

October 26, 2019, Clayton, NC


The FSC Ranch 3rd Extra Effort Sale began with a Friday evening dinner and an educational talk by Dr. Bob Weaber on managed heterosis, simple breeding systems, and complementarity. The crowd enjoyed a Saturday luncheon before auctioneer Dustin Rogers led the sale. Simple Auction Site facilitated online bidding while marketing representatives Rocky Forseth, Marty Ropp, and Corey Wilkins of Allied Genetics provided support. The FSC Ranch sold cattle to eight different states.



15 18-Month-Old BullsAveraged $3,857
21 Yearling BullsAveraged $2,645
2 PairsAveraged $1900
10 Bred HeifersAveraged $2,105
12 Open HeifersAveraged $1,354
60 LotsAveraged $2,575

High-Selling Lots

$5,250Lot 1, FSCR Riverwood F041, Sire: GIBBS 3133A MOUNTAINEER, to Phil Lawler of Montevalle, AL
$5,100Lot 8, FSCR United F067, Sire: FSCR B062 UNITED, to Brad Johnson of Shawano, WI
$5,000Lot 2, FSCR MOUNTAINEER F052, Sire: 3133A MOUNTAINEER, to KJ Fauth of Lavina, Montana
$4,750Lot 3, FSCR BEACON F035, Sire: HOOK’S BEACON 56B, to Phil Lawler of Montevalle, AL
$4,250Lot 6, FSCR UNITED F064, Sire: FSCR B062 UNITED, to Gregory Felts of Greensboro, NC
$4,200Lot 10, FSCR UNITED F061, Sire: FSCR B062 UNITED, to Colin Wilson of Hollywood, AL
$4,100Lot 11, FSCR DEACON F042, Sire: GIBBS 1100HY DEACON, to Tommy Parker of Thomasville, NC
$4,000Lot 4, FSCR FIRST CUT F018, Sire: TJ FIRST CUT 1109C, to Colin Wilson of Hollywood, AL
$3600Lot 9, FSCR UNITED F062, Sire: FSCR B062 UNITED, to Waitus English of Burgaw, NC
$3500Lot 15, FSCR WOLFPACK F025, Sire: GW WOLFPACK 712A, to Zack McCullen of Clinton, NC
$3500Lot 17, FSCR MOUNTAINEER F141, Sire: GIBBS 3133A MOUNTAINEER, to William Tally of Bear Creek, NC
8 States Sold to:North Carolina, Michigan, Alabama, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Indiana, Montana, South Carolina

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