FSC Ranch 7th Annual Extra Effort Sale

October 14th, 2023 Clayton, NC


On Friday evening, FSC had a fine meal and educational program with Marty Ropp, Allied Genetics, and Zach McCullen, Prestige Farms, who challenged attendees to utilize new technologies to improve their herds. A great crowd came to buy a strong offering well acclimated from the Piedmont throughout the region. Several buyers noted the outstanding feed and legs and condition of the cattle! Good cattle and good people for a great cattle sale.

2023 Sale Averages

46 Age Advantage BullsAveraged $5,853
34 Yearling BullsAveraged $5,574
17 Fall Heifer PairsAveraged $3,544
9 Spring Bred HeifersAveraged $2,733
28 Open HeifersAveraged $2,175
134 Total LotsAveraged $4,511

2023 High-Selling Lots

$12,000Bull, sold to All Beef, LLC, IL.
$11,000Bull, sold to Dennis Brown, VA.
$10,500Bull, sold to Richard Robinson, VA.
$4,750Female, sold to Jim Terrill, VA.
$4,000Female, sold to William Brigman, SC.
$4,000Female, sold to Johnny Massey, NC.

FSC Ranch 5th Annual Extra Effort Sale

October 16, 2021, Clayton, NC


The FSC Ranch 5th Extra Effort Sale began with a Friday evening dinner and an educational talk by Marty Ropp and guest Congressman Ted Budd. Everyone enjoyed a Saturday luncheon before auctioneer Dustin Rogers led the sale. Simple Auction Site facilitated online bidding while marketing representatives Marty Ropp, and Corey Wilkins of Allied Genetics provided support. The FSC Ranch sold cattle to eight different states.

2021 Sale Averages

29 Age Advantage BullsAveraged $4,181.03
18 Yearling BullsAveraged $3,966.67
6 Bred HeifersAveraged $3,000.00
54 Open HeifersAveraged $1,560.19
107 LotsAveraged $2,756.07

2021 High-Selling Lots

$6,750Lot 1, G300, Sire: IR CAPITALIST E041, to KJ Fauth of Lavina, Montana
$6,000Lot 38, H072, Sire: GIBBS 6784D STATELINE, to Bobby Britt of Albertson, NC
$6000Lot 8, H009, Sire: HOOKS ADMIRAL 33A, to Tommy Sanders of Hamilton, MS
$6000Lot 12, G288, Sire: GIBBS 4475B PIRATE, to Colin Wilson of Hollywood, AL
$5,900Lot 39, FSCR FREEDOM H217, Sire: HOOK'S FREEDOM 45F, to Haze Carmichael of Hemingway, SC
$5,800Lot 3, H003, Sire: IR CAPITALIST E041, to Zack McCullen of Clinton, NC
$5,600Lot 41, FSCR FREEDOM H139, Sire: HOOK'S FREEDOM 45F, Zack McCullen of Clinton, NC
$5,500Lot 24, H025, Sire: FSCR B062 UNITED, to Jerry Hull of Minford, OH
$5,500Lot 21, H021, Sire: TJ DIPLOMAT 294D, to Zack McCullen of Clinton, NC
$5,500Lot 26, H054, Sire: FSCR B062 UNITED, to Zack McCullen of Clinton, NC
8 States Sold to:Ohio, Alabama, Montana, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina