Gibbs 1100Y HY Deacon

Born: September 6, 2011

Co-owned with: Gibbs Farms, Ranburne, AL Wildberry Farms, Scales Mound, IL

A solid pedigree that has him destined for greatness— Regis x Stetson

For the past several years, we have made Deacon the foundational genetic piece of our breeding program. Deacon offers maternal excellence with the added benefit of powerful performance. His calves excel for body dimension, are extremely sound and they grow fast. We have bred Deacon to heifers without any calving problems and see the tremendous growth in calves exhibited.

  • Maternal Potency—the result of Select Sires mainstays, Coleman Regis and RCR Stetson
  • Has an EPD slate that offers goodness from left to right
  • Homozygous Black
  • Homozygous Polled

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