Born: March 12, 2012

Co-owned with: Gibbs Farms, Ranburne, AL & the Augustus Partners

Purebred Simmental high accuracy calving ease sire (top 1%) that offers high economic value, ranking in the top 10% of the breed for API. Siring moderate framed, sound structured, big footed progeny with a great disposition. His first daughters are in production are smaller frame with sound utters that his pedigree predicted.

  • Combining the most profit driven numbers in the industry for a Purebred Simmental, ranking in the top 1% of the breed for CE, Stayability, and $API.
  • Proven calving ease along with high docility and carcass value EPDs.
  • PAP tested a 39 score at 5,400 feet elevation by Dr. Tim Holt of Colorado State University.
  • An ideal Simmental sire to use for producing functional, smaller frame, females that have longevity in higher elevation environments.
  • FSC Ranch has some of the first females in production that are sired by Augustus, and they look really good.  Moderate framed, deep bodied, and very good feet, legs, and udders.

Selected Fall 2017 EPD’s & Indexes

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